So, you want to go Vegan?

Or at least head a little more in that direction, maybe incorporate a few more vegan meals into your week? 

There are a million resources out there and sometimes it gets overwhelming.  We've compiled our favorite go-to resources for recipes, information, inspiration and more to make it easy for you.  As you dive a little deeper into the world of veganism, you'll find your own people to follow, go-to recipes and more.

Best people to follow on social media 

We've compiled what we think are the best resources in terms of where to start.  For additional ideas, follow @vegannetworkbahamas on Instagram and check out who we follow.  


P.S. - feel like we missed a person, recipe or resource that should DEFINITELY be on our list?  Shoot us an email - we love finding new inspirations!

Raw Manda

This amazingly creative and talented lady has some of the most beautiful pics of vegan food on the internet, often featuring amazing fruits and veggies and an array of unbelievable vegan desserts.  You can also buy her ebook of mouth watering, tried and true desserts here.

Best of Vegan

This instagram account aggregates and reposts drool-worthy recipes, beautiful vegan photos and more.

Ellen Fisher/Earthy Andy

This blissed out Hawaiian couple shows how it's done when it comes to raising a healthy and happy vegan family.

Shine With Plants


This adorable plant based family from Chicago gives an inside look at their daily vegan life. Full of smiling faces and vibrant food photos, they give us all the good feels!

Torre Washington

This vegan bodybuilder will show you what it means to be a strong vegan by building muscle with plant proteins! Torre was raised vegetarian and has been vegan since 1998 due to embracing his ITAL Rastafarian roots.

Minimalist Baker


Simple, delicious recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, one bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare.  And the food is AH-mazing. 

Oh She Glows

Great energizing, vegan recipes to eat day-to-day.  They’re easily categorized on her website (she has an app too!).  She strives to get people to incorporate more plant-based foods in their diet without feeling deprived - and to offer recipes that are great for meat eaters and picky kids too. A lot of gluten free and allergy friendly recipes.

It Doesn't Taste like Chicken

Fuss-free vegan recipes that are not only satisfying, hearty, full of flavour, and straight up delicious, but just as easy to make as any other meal



Simple recipes.  Unbelievable results.  

All plants.  

These guys create easy-to-follow mini videos to create simple and delicious vegan meals.

Thug Kitchen

This is some indulgent vegan food!  If you don’t like swear words, this account isn’t for you -  these thugs will tell you like it is!

Bonny Rebecca


Check out this cute as a button Aussie's youtube channel for illuminating information on veganism.  We especially love her video on why not to go vegan.

James Aspey


After proclaiming himself someone who didn't really care about animals, James Aspey went on to take a one year vow of silence for the animals who have no voice. He works tirelessly promoting animal rights through veganism.



This guy gives ideas for easy meal chalked full of protein.  He's full of information on the macro nutrients of different foods, why we should consider one food over another and more.  

Joey Carbstrong


This animal rights activist works tirelessly to expose the truth about the meat and dairy industries. He can come off a bit strong but if you're ready to challenge your thinking and get informed on the truth about the industries that source so much of our food, he's a great one to follow.

Vegan Style Post

​Not all beauty products and clothing are ethically sourced. A lot of the products we see on the market are made from animals and are even tested on animals. If you’re interested in finding the latest vegan trends in cruelty free makeup, shoes, handbags and more, look no further than veganstylepost. Follow them on Instagram to get insight into the hottest vegan items.

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