I'm a mom and want to know if veganism is right for my family.

Veganism is a healthy diet, period. Whether you're a child, parent, pregnant or nursing mother, veganism can benefit you. 


The main dietary concerns for pregnant women are folic acid and iron. A vegan diet is typically denser in folic acid than an average meat eater diet. Most authorities still suggest supplementation of folic acid and iron throughout pregnancy for all women despite their diet. The other concern is pregnant women have increased nutritional requirements. Since a vegan diet is nutrient dense, this increase in nutritional requirements is a non-issue, as long as the pregnant mother continues to eat a variety of vegan foods and increases her food intake (calories are typically lower in plant-based foods, to meet these increased requirements more food may have to be ingested). 


Vegetarian and vegan women also have a lower incidence of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy and more pure breast milk. Analyses of vegetarian and vegan breast milk show that the levels of environmental contaminants in their milk are much lower than meat-eaters. Studies have also shown that in families with a history of food allergies, when women abstain from allergenic foods (milk, meat and fish) during pregnancy, they are less likely to pass allergies onto the infant. Mothers who ingest dairy have also been found to have higher incidences of babies with colic as the antibodies in the dairy can irritate the infant. 


Already have children and are interested in getting them to like vegan foods or simply looking for tips and tricks? I would suggest checking out: 

*These are just a few; there are plenty of resources online, on YouTube, on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

  Don't be afraid to explore what's out there and find resources that you identify with and work for your family.  

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