I have diabetes and want to learn more about whether veganism is a good option for me.

Disclaimer: we are NOT doctors.  That being said, there is a large body of compelling evidence that links diabetes and a diet full of animal products. A plant-based diet can assist patients in managing their type-2 diabetes effectively and can also help prevent the onset of type-1 diabetes. 


Diabetes UK states that by living a vegan diet low in fats those suffering from diabetes can more easily manage their blood sugars. The organization even goes on to arguing that a properly planned vegan diet often leads to weight loss, which will in turn make management of blood sugars even easier. Dr. Neal Barnard, president of the Physician's Committee, has done several studies and established programs dedicated to managing diseases such as diabetes and heart disease through vegan diets.


He has found it an excellent and effective means to manage patient's care and we would suggest visiting his page for additional resources. He has written several books, including a book on reversing diabetes, and several others focusing on recipes and information. 

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