But I could never go Vegan. I love meat, eggs & dairy too much!

Today there isn't a food that doesn't have a vegan substitute. You may need to experiment to find out what fits your exact needs and tastes but you're in luck- there's plenty to choose from. Some examples are: 

  • Cheese alternatives: Daiya and Follow Your Heart make a variety of cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, provolone, etc.) and the brand Tofutti makes a delicious cream cheese. 

  • Dairy alternatives: Almond, soy, coconut, walnut, hemp, rice, and oat milks are all readily available. There is also coconut and almond yogurts available by brands such as Almond Breeze, Kite Hill, So Delicious, Yoso, Chobani and Silk. These brands also create diary free ice creams in a variety of flavors. 

  • Meat Alternatives: If you aren't into replacing meats with alternative protein sources like beans, tofu, or legumes there are imitation meats that are bound to impress. Vegan sausages, burgers, chick'n wings, 'beef' strips, 'crab'cakes, 'fish' strips, veggie roasts and ground 'beef' can all be found at your local grocery store. Brands such as Gardein, Tofurkey, Yves, Boca, Quorn, Field Roast, Beyond Meat and others are making it their mission to provide delicious alternatives. These items can simply be added to recipes as meat would be. 

So many delicious alternatives are now available, making the transition to veganism easier for many. The key is finding alternatives that meet your taste and incorporating them into your diet to ease the transition. 

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