Vegan Eats In
West/Cable Beach

Blue Sail

  • veggie pizzas with no cheese

  • salad with dairy free dressing

  • lentil salad

Bob Marley Resort

  • dedicated vegan menu with various pastas, curries and veggie dishes!

Cafe Channing Noelle

  • soy milk for lattes and coffee

  • bagel

  • oatmeal



  • they offer a few vegan options daily so check out their daily menu to see what they are serving up!

  • usually a variety of salads with quinoa or beans and vegetables

Cleo (at Baha Mar)

  • falafel

  • baba ganoush

  • crispy brussel sprouts

  • mezzethaki (ask for no grape leaves and no spanakopita)

The Coffee Bar (The Island House)

  • they usually have a vegan smoothie and various salads for lunch daily

  • soy/almond milk for lattes

Commonwealth (at Baha Mar)

  • east african mango and cucumber salad

  • indian vegetable curry

  • basmati rice

Compass Point

  • vegan curry 

Costa (at Baha Mar)

  • guacamole

  • tacos veganos

  • green salad

  • fruta fresca

Frisia (at Baha Mar)

  • rigatoni with marinara sauce

  • warmed olives

  • roasted exotic mushrooms

Katsuya (at Baha Mar)

  • edamame (normal)

  • shishito peppers

  • brussels sprouts (no fish flakes)

  • variety of veggie rolls

  • crispy rice with avocado

La Caverna

  • pizza with any vegetable topping (no cheese)

  • gluten free pasta and sauce – it's a rice based pasta with no egg

  • baked potatoes with peppers 

Louis and Steens

  • almond, soy and oat milk for coffee and lattes

  • ask for the vegan version of Turkey Mango Avocado Wrap (made with veggies, mango, avocado, walnuts and vegan pesto)

  • acai bowl

  • matcha bowl


  • kale & spinach salad 

  • truffle fries with no cheese (most places don't have a designated fryer)

  • risotto / pasta – the chef will usually make a vegan variation of one of these

  • sides like Brussels sprouts and broccolini with no butter

  • sorbet


  • They have a non-dairy vegan frozen yogurt and multiple toppings

  • Oreos happen to be vegan!

Pink Octopus

  • they actually have a dedicated vegan menu! 

  • cauliflower steak

  • shishito peppers

  • variety of salads

  • vegan tacos

  • vegan platter (must be ordered 24 hours in advance)


  • tempura brussel sprouts with truffle salt

  • miso eggplant (no butter)

  • shishito peppers

  • seaweed salad

  • all varieties of edamame

  • assorted vegetable tempura

  • vegan fried rice

  • vegetable rolls like avocado or cucumber roll


  • vegetable Pad Thai – ask for no egg, no fish sauce 

  • miso soup (not all miso soup is vegan, however Sakura offers one)

  • vegetable rolls like sweet potato tempura roll, cucumber and avocado roll

  • singapore noodles with no meat

  • seaweed salad

  • edamame


  • tofu Provencal: pan seared tofu with veggies 

  • saffron vegetable risotto



  • inform your server that your dish needs to be free from oyster/fish sauce** 

  • penang curry 

  • vegetarian pad thai – ask for no egg

  • asparagus tempura roll (ask for no aioli sauce)

  • gai laan (ask for no oyster sauce)

  • asian mushrooms

  • organic silken tofu

  • tom kha (ask for no chicken)

Shuang Ba (at Baha Mar)

  • vegetable dumplings (shao mai)

  • buddhas delight (veggies, tofu, noodles)

  • wok fried green vegetable

  • cauliflower bouquet

  • wok fried cabbage

  • spinach

  • layered tofu roll

  • vegetable spring roll

Social House 

  • sushi rolls like the lemon avocado roll, avocado, cucumber or veggie (their tempura has egg)

  • miso eggplant – ask for no butter    

  • shishito peppers

  • edamame

  • seaweed salad


  • vegan cheese pizza (Daiya cheese and your choice of toppings)

  • vegan Burger (make sure this isn't served on a brioche bun)

  • bruschetta with no feta


  • oatmeal with soy, almond milk or water and toppings like brown sugar, dried fruit and nuts

  • coffee or lattes with almond or soy milk

Studio Café

  • veggie wrap with no cheese or mayo

  • olive tapenade hummus and pita chips

  • studio salad with balsamic dressing

  • Thai salad with no meat and no cheese

  • smoothies and fruit



  • spaghetti pomodoro


Twisted Lime

  • hummus with toasted pita bread

  • veggie pizza (ask for no cheese)



  • Vegan Supreme Pizza – a veggie pizza with no cheese

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