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Get informed!  This page is about why people choose to go vegan.  We try to be real with you in our descriptions of these resources as some of them (some documentaries in particular) can be very disturbing.  As Sam Turnbull, founder of It Doesn't Taste like Chicken, put it:





Lucky for you, Sam felt this way years ago when there weren't a ton of amazing options and resources out there for vegans so being vegan now is WAY easier.  Either way, if you want the final push or just really want to be informed, here are some great resources.

After learning everything I could about Veganism, I knew two things were absolutely clear to me.


1.   I was officially going vegan.

2.   I didn't want to be vegan. 

After all of my research it made 100% logical sense to be vegan. The problem was, I actually hated the idea. I remember being so frustrated, almost wishing I could un-learn all of the facts I had learned. Well, I couldn't un-learn, so I had to come up with a new plan of attack. Be the best damn vegan I knew how to be!

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