I'm vegan - but vegan means a lot of things.  I'd like to be a more healthy vegan

The best foods for us are the foods that are non-refined. Being a 'more healthy' vegan simply means choosing foods that are lower in processed fats and less refined. For example, meat alternatives are often over processed and contain a large list of refined ingredients. These aren't the healthiest options; the healthiest foods for us are non-refined, pure foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains. As you move through your vegan journey you will find what balance of refined and natural foods work for you.


Some individuals find they really miss meat or dairy without their refined food options (alternative meats and dairy items), for these individuals including processed items may be necessary to stick to a vegan diet. The trick is finding a diet that works for you and your preferences. If you're interested in including more healthy vegan foods into your diet simply include more leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains into your diet. 

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